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Salon at the Writing Room

For the last two years, The Writing Room at The Bookshelf has been open on Mondays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. It's a quiet place to write among other writers of all types and levels. Just so you know, it really is quiet: silence is a rule, and no cellphones are allowed.

Lectern shows the logo of our sponsor, The Bookshelf bookstore.

At the end of every session, the last 15 minutes are available to anyone who would like to discuss their writing with other writers. This critiquing/gab session is restricted to those interested in doing so; you don't have to participate, and most folks don't.

Reading Night, aka "The Salon"

On June 21, The Writing Room held its twice-yearly reading night, aka "salon" (pictured here). The writing space is located upstairs in The Bookshelf, Guelph's fabulous bookstore-cinema-bar.

Moi, reading from a rough draft of a short story.
Any participating writer who wants to read signs up ahead of time, and each reader introduces themselves and a bit about their current project or successes.

I have read at three salons now, and it's always been a fun experience; just as valuable is hearing the work your fellow writers have been working on.

During the evening, you can order drinks and snacks from the eBar, which is right beside the Writing Room.

Our next salon -- some of us call it the "saloon" -- will be sometime in October, 2016. Stay tuned for the date. And think about joining us, Monday mornings!

Jeremy Luke Hill reading from his novel St. James.