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Inspiration: Our Home on Native Land

Our Home on Native Land is a documentary video that aided the research for my novel Blood of DisrespectThis doc features interviews with people on both sides of the Grand River Land Dispute (aka "Caledonia"). When some members of the Six Nations of the Grand River  blockaded highways running through it and the town of Caledonia, the protest began  in February 2006. The Six Nations reserve is located about 100 km (60 miles) from Toronto, Ontario.

In researching my novel, Blood of Disrespect, viewing Our Home on Native Land informed the development of characters on both sides of the dispute. I hasten to point out that neither of the two individuals in this video appear in any guise as characters in the novel. But their stories highlight the family discord and personal pain that some people experienced.

A SureHallLick Production, presented by Mohawk College. Produced by Megan Hall, Theo Scheurwater and Wymon Stanlick. (Standard YouTube Licence)